What Your Baby’s astrological Sign Says About Their Personality, mums need to know (PART I)

One of the most thrilling aspects of being pregnant is the anticipation of finding out who the tiny child on the way will grow up to be. Will they take like their father and be goofy like a goose? Maybe brilliant at math, like Mom.

Is your child possibly becoming an outstanding athlete or an accomplished artist? Will they be outgoing or more reserved? Even though it is difficult to tell whether your tiny one will take after you, exhibit characteristics of persons further up and down the family tree, or be one hundred percent unique.

There is a tool from the past that you may use right now that might spark some inspiration in you! We are discussing astrology and the signs of the Zodiac. Therefore, have some fun with it and look to the stars to discover what kind of character Baby will have based on their astrological sign.


ARIES (March 21-April 19)

Since the beginning of the Zodiac calendar is at the end of March, it is only natural that the sign of Aries, which represents individuals who enjoy taking the lead, be the first one (Get ready for a lot of enthusiastic “Me Firsts!” from your enterprising child).

Your child, born under Aries’s sign, will grow up to be a courageous person who never backs down from diving headfirst into virtually any challenge, just like the ram that represents the sign of Aries. (And run, they most certainly will! When your baby starts crawling, it is an excellent idea to babyproof the house as soon as possible.

Have fun with your curious and impulsive ram, who will mature into a brave, headstrong, and ready for any adventurer coming his way. They will undoubtedly be a lot of fun, even though they may present a teeny-tiny bit of a challenge when the children are toddlers. (It is a good thing that you will not be unprepared!)


TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

Do not let your Taurus mislead you. They are just being stubborn. Simply put, your little bull is a creature of habit which is occasionally apprehensive about venturing out of his comfort zone and trying something new. This trait indicates that maintaining a consistent schedule (including regular bedtimes and mealtimes) and providing positive reinforcement can go a long way here.

Do you know what else people who have the Taurus zodiac sign are known? Their tenacity, ferocious personalities, and flair for the dramatic! (You should be prepared for a lot of excitement!) Because of all their zeal, young bulls tend to have a short fuse; therefore, it is in their best interest to learn how to control their tempers as soon as possible. (I knew you could do it!) But you should not be concerned because your adorable baby will mature into a person who is unwavering in their beliefs, strives diligently to find fulfillment in life, and fiercely devoted to the people they love – just like you!


GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

Gemini parents are known to joke that they get two kids for the price of one since their children are so independent. (a pair of twins traditionally represent Geminis.) Depending on the day, this “split personality” sign can either be a blessing or a challenge for the person born under it. But in the end, your Gemini partner in problem-solving is all about being upfront and honest with you and telling you everything there is to know about it! (Get ready for your child to be a chatterbox when they reach their toddler years!)

Your child can make quick and astute observations, which will inevitably surprise and thrill you. (A Gemini has an uncanny ability to gauge the mood of a group.) Your highly sociable and activity-seeking Gemini needs participation in playgroups and frequent trips to the park. Be on the lookout for your adorable child’s inability to make decisions as well as their propensity for exhausting themselves since they want to try everything! Your child would benefit tremendously from reassuring words spoken to them in the evening.



CANCER (June 21-July 22)

Your adorable baby shares characteristics with the crab, the emblem for Cancer. Both are wary of potential dangers and have developed a sturdy exterior to guard against being hurt. When they are both upset, both can become a little bit possessive. (That suggests that the 5 S’s are the secret to their comfort, which is great news for your lovely Cancer.)

You could call your perfect little crab sensitive, but you could also call them devoted, incredibly loving, emotionally profound, and intuitive. In addition, Cancers typically have an incredible capacity to discern people’s feelings and intentions and respond appropriately. That indicates your child has a heart full of compassion. Take good care of your little one and ensure they have the resources they need to communicate their feelings and find healthy ways to process them.

LEO (July 23-August 22)

Prepare yourself: The “roar” of your little Leo will be audible from a mile away. However, this is not a cause for concern! Your enthusiastic, considerate, affectionate, and attention-loving lion will always put itself front and center in the focus of your family’s attention. Fortunately, they make such wonderful stars of the show.

Leos mature into exceptionally compassionate, affectionate, and super-loving people, in addition to being excellent listeners. Be aware, though, that Leos are prone to possessiveness and jealousy. You should therefore brace yourself for sibling competition in the years to come, especially regarding their brother or sister’s favorite toys. (Always be ready!)


VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

Routine, routine, routine! Virgo children adore routine. They also really respond positively to being in an ordered environment, so three cheers for a clean playroom! However, there are occasions when their tendency to say “I like it this” can lead to domineering and perfectionistic behavior. (Have some reassuring remarks ready to go.)

Virgos are rapid thinkers and overthinkers at the same time, which can lead to episodes of anxiety and tension for them. Bring this young one some more reinforcement of the great behavior you want to see! Finally, make ready to enjoy the modesty, intelligence, and practicality that your specific Virgo brings to the table. Just avoid getting in their way when they are going with the flow!)

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