The Surprising Benefits of Drinking Goat Milk for Skin

The benefits of drinking goat milk for the skin include relieving inflammation, which reduces skin breakouts. It also supports internal and external balance and avoids acne, breakouts, and blemishes on the skin. It also provides healing properties which help address skin-related issues, including eczema and acne.

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Cow’s milk is the most common type of milk available in the market. However, it can cause a host of unpleasant issues and symptoms to people. Many of those who have been affected by the milk have reported bloating and inflammation that varies depending on how much they drink. Issues of bloating and inflammation can result in different symptoms, including skin breakouts. In both males and females, instances of skin breakouts after consuming cow milk may be more common than you think.

Goat’s milk is significantly less inflammatory than cow’s milk. Most people who can’t tolerate cow’s milk enjoy goat’s milk without any complications. Even children who have intolerance can also take the goat milk with minimal if any issues.

Goat’s milk also provides other health benefits such as enzymes which digests the toxins. Goat’s milk has many enzymes that work to soothe the digestive tract.

Goat’s milk also has small fat globules, which make the milk easier to digest. When the milk reaches the stomach, the goat milk proteins form a softer curd compared to cow milk. Goat milk also decreases the irritation that one might otherwise experience with cow milk.

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Skin health can sometimes be a complicated endeavor that requires one to balance topical care with internal nutrition. For many decades goat’s milk has been identified and used as a food item that supports skin health inside and outside.

Goat’s milk has large amounts of vitamin A, which helps keep all types of skin soft and supple. Hence gaot’s milk is often used to make soaps and lotions that help improve skin appearance and complexion. It also significantly reduces acne breakouts and blemishes and can even improve overall skin health and vibrancy.

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Goat’s milk is alkaline. Its pH is similar to the human milk pH levels making it suitable for balancing the body’s pH levels. A balanced body pH ensures that the body organs, including the largest organ in the body – the skin, are healthy.

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Well while drinking goat milk can’t literally HEAL people, it is still highly regarded as one of the superfoods in the food kingdom. The healing or rejuvenating properties of goat’s milk are similar to those of olive oil. Regular goat milk consumption has been recommended because it’s a natural remedy for anemia, eczema, acne, and magnesium deficiency.

It also aids in the regeneration of hemoglobin in the blood, which benefits people with osteoporosis. The milk also has significantly high levels of selenium and zinc, which help reduce the risk for neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

Finally, when applied directly to the skin, the lactic acid in goat’s milk helps clear off any dead skin. The result is a bright skin appearance, which is smooth and has healthy thickness.

Karihome Whole Goat Milk

Karihome whole goat milk is produced from fresh goat milk, from which only the water has been removed. The goat milk powder can then be reconstituted in water to produce a crisp and wholesome drink that provides the unique nutritional benefits of goat milk.

Karihome whole goat milk powder is enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E, iron and zinc. It is also rich in natural calcium and vitamin D which is good for building strong bones and prevent osteoporosis. Karihome is a fully imported brand from New Zealand, it is formulated with mild heat processing method which preserves the natural nutrition.

Karihome whole goat milk formula is available in supermarkets, selected pharmacies, Chinese medical hall and baby shop. To request for sample, click the link below

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