Do mothers need to maintain a perfect diet while breastfeeding?

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The short answer is no, mothers do not need to maintain a perfect diet, in fact, research shows that the mother’s diet have little to no influence over the quality of her breastmilk.

Should mothers take a multivitamin while breastfeeding?

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Ideally speaking, mothers who get their nutrients from a natural food sources such as fresh vegetables, legumes, and grains will have a healthier pregnancy, however, it is unrealistic to assume that pregnant women can maintain a well-balanced diet throughout their pregnancy given how busy our lives can get. Hence, experts recommend that regardless of the type of diet mothers consume, mothers should take multivitamins supplements.

But of course, if mothers are confident at the fact that they can maintain a well balanced diet, they can consume food rich in vitamins, minerals and macronutrients.

Should Mothers Consume A Healthy Diet?

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Absolutely! Maintaining a balanced diet not only provides the nutrients you need for you and your baby, it also provides other benefits such as maintaining a healthy weight, boosting natural immune system, and increasing alertness and focus.

What IS Needed In Maintaining Ample Breastmilk Supply?

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The best way to increase your breastmilk product is simple — stimulate your milk ducts and mammary gland by nursing as much as possible! Aside from that, here are some other tips to boost breastmilk production:

  • Calories: Have you ever noticed that your appetite is larger when you started breastfeeding? That’s because breastfeeding is actually a very taxing process and each 30 minutes session typically requires around 500 calories. It is generally not recommended to restrict your diet when you’re breastfeeding as an overly restrictive diet can lead to reduce milk supply.


  • Liquids: Breastmilk is made of 70% liquid hence it is no surprise sufficient fluid intake is paramount in maintaining a healthy breast milk supply. It is recommended that mothers take at least 8 cups of water a day.

Foods To Avoid


Fish and seafood are excellent sources of DHA. However certain deep sea fishes are not recommended for pregnant women as it may contain traces of mercury.

What is the takeaway message?

All in all, mothers don’t have to follow a perfect diet to maintain a healthy breastmilk supply but mothers should still make it a habit to eat healthily as poor nutritional intake will have a negative impact on mother’s wellbeing. Additionally, in order to maintain a consistent level of breastmilk supply, mothers should increase their calorie consumption and fluid intake.

Goat Milk Formula – Natural supplement

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Karihome whole milk goat formula is a premium adult goat milk formula rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and most importantly calcium. As Karihome whole goat milk goat formula does not contain added sugar, it serves as a suitable supplement for breastfeeding mothers.





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